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Tech Talent Digitalized

Talent Alpha Human Cloud is a SaaS Platform that is transforming the way organizations around the globe measure and manage Tech Talent by creating a digital representation of their talent genome. It also easily allows them to scale up and down their IT workforce using the Human Cloud.

Our platform gives total visibility into the technical and soft skills available to an organization including permanent staff, potential candidates, contract workers or on-demand Tech Talent available on the Human Cloud.

Talent Alpha Human Cloud is your Golden Source of Data, collecting information from multiple data-sources and visualizing it in a clear and easy to manage way. We address many complex challenges including understanding and indexing skills in a dispersed organization, enabling data-driven workforce decisions as well as matching Specialists with the right projects and opportunities.

Talen Alpha is becoming the platform of choice for managers running internal and external programs, planning reskilling and upskilling initiatives as well as managing remote teams.

Rethink Your IT Workforce Strategy with Talent Alpha.

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Talent Alpha Sessions

TALENT TRACK: Decoding the Talent Genome

Day 2 – Nov 18, 2020 | 11:40 – 12:10

CEO, Founder, Talent Alpha