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LIVEsciences is a team of purpose-driven individuals with a passion for unleashing the potential of people by liberating them from limiting structures and processes. Together with their clients, they support them finding the best combinations of different novel approaches that allow them to become more agile, innovative, and impactful

LIVEsciences team is self-organized and instead of hierarchies and job titles, they empower all employees to act as an Entrepreneur and to make their own decisions. The experience they gather from their own setup enables them to give authentic advice and customized support.

With more than 5 years of transformation experience within Pharma and Biotech in Switzerland, LIVEsciences now catalyses success in all kinds of industries worldwide by triggering the right decisions and providing their partners with the ideal mixture of tools and methods at the right time.

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Future of Work Track Underwriter


LIVEsciences Sessions

Opening Remarks – Future of Work Track

Day 3 – Nov 19, 2020 | 13:30 – 13:40

CoFounder and CEO – LIVEsciences

Panel Discussion – Purpose, Passion, Compassion – rethinking the future enterprise

Day 3 – Nov 19, 2020 | 15:10 – 15:30

By Tom Van Der Lubbe Viisionair & Co-Founder, Viisi | Hypotheken, Lara Bezerra Former Chief Purpose Officer, Roche, Antoinette Weibel Professor, Chair of Personnel Management, University of St.Gallen, Timm Urschinger CoFounder and CEO – LIVEsciences, Otti Vogt COO and Chief Transformation Officer C&G – ING

Keynote: Reinventing the Organization in the Norm of Now

Day 3 – Nov 19, 2020 | 16:30 – 16:50

Catalyst, Co-Founder, LIVEsciences

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