HR technology to unleash people,
teams and organizations

huapii is the employee experience platform that transforms ways of working, by putting people in the driver’s seat of their career.

We believe in a world in which every organization is an organic environment where people can thrive and grow.

We bring you a people-centric platform that enables strategic HR decisions and unlocks skills.


  • We make the skills of your organization visible via our talent market place
  • We drive people, teams & organization performance via shared objectives and frequent dialogue
  • We empower each individual to grow

By developing their skills, sharing the projects they work on internally, promoting mentoring and strengthening the engagement to your organisation’s core values, you encourage your employees to empower themselves.

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huapii Sessions

KEYNOTE: People and Skills – the new workplace currency?

Day 2 – Nov 18, 2020 | 08:45 – 09:15

Chairman and co-founder – Huapii | Former Chief Talent Officer – Euroclear

How can we shift from more traditional hierarchy to a skills-based meritocracy? How can a digital HR platform support this shift? In this talk we aspire to inspire you and ‘let you taste the chocolate through a practical real life example.