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  • Day 1

    Nov 17, 2020

  • Day 2

    Nov 18, 2020

  • Day 3

    Nov 19, 2020

  • Working couples are on the rise. People who are as committed to their work as they are to their relationship now form the vast majority of organisations’ talent pool. In this talk, INSEAD Professor Jennifer Petriglieri, author of Couples that Work, will share the secrets for how working couples can thrive in love and work, and for how organisations can best leverage their talent.
    Keynote Session

  • Our businesses are facing challenging times ahead and managers are looking to HR to help them navigate in these turbulent times. HR needs to step into two critical roles in the “next normal”: to RUN the function and to help the business to ADAPT in volatile markets. In this session, we will explore how you step into both these “Run” and “Adapt” roles, in order to create workplaces that can deliver, grow and prosper.
    Keynote Session

  • Employee experience is vital to (revitalize) business performance, and today’s economic realities require targeted approaches to optimize EX in 2021. Important questions that EX strategies and practitioners in large organizations must therefore address are: - What really is employee experience? - How do companies identify opportunities for EX improvement with the highest ROI? - What does an EX management program look like in practice? Volker Jacobs reports from the current study "The State of the Human Experience of Work" by TI People and from his work as an international expert on the employee experience at large organizations.
    Employee Experience (Powered by: TI-People)

  • The genie's out of the bottle. While the transition to remote and/or part-time work has been difficult for many organizations and teams, others have embraced the opportunity to offer more flexible work arrangements. Looking ahead, companies and leaders must find new ways to maintain employee health, productivity and team spirit as more people opt to work remotely. Personio has successfully made this transition and in this session, Laura Schroeder, Head of Brand at Personio, will share lessons learned, best practices and tools for leading remote teams.

  • How do you deal with employees while fighting the second wave? What did we learn from the first wave? Join this panel discussion where Arjen Swank will have a conversation with HR leaders about employee listening in a fast-paced environment while preparing the new normal.
    Panel Discussion

  • Continuous listening implies that companies have the means to receive feedback on core topics from their employees, in any moment that matters in their employee life-cycle. When is it useful? What are the do and the don'ts? Find the answers in this session with Effectory's Chief Product Officer Merel van der Lei.
    Tech & Innovation

  • "For about 10 years now, we've been talking about how to prepare leaders in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, and designing leadership programs to do just that. Yes, we've had some periods where we experienced various components of the VUCA paradigm in various combinations - however, we've never really experienced the full impact of all four factors on a sustained basis until this year with the COVID-19 pandemic. Imagine you've worked with your company's pan-European executive leadership team for over a year, facilitating several workshops to work with them to co-design their own 2.5 year-long leadership development program, and you're ready to launch the first or five modules to develop their self-awareness at a remote retreat, and you go into lock-down because of the pandemic...what would you do? This is the situation I faced last month and in this talk, I'll present how we addressed these challenges.

  • There is a need to optimize the performance of every employee, more so today than ever before. Recent research suggests that leadership must do better - and it begins with you and me. At the heart of every organization is the desire to drive efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. How do we DO this? In this session, we'll look at data, best practices, and strategies to engage the performance of your employees. Leave with: 1) Your own Action Plan to better engage the performance of employees, and 2) A tool for preparing and holding effective "connect" 1-on-1 meetings.
    Keynote Session

  • How can we shift from more traditional hierarchy to a skills-based meritocracy? How can a digital HR platform support this shift? In this talk we aspire to inspire you and ‘let you taste the chocolate through a practical real life example.
    Keynote Session

  • We are living in an age of great disruption and the future remains uncertain. As ambiguity prevails we need to carve out the employee experience that will sustain us into the future, regardless of what’s to come. Now is the time to reinvent our world of work, bringing humanity and our people to the centre. Creating cultures fit for the future can be the most challenging but the most rewarding endeavour you’ll ever take on. Aisling will be discussing why now is our time to redefine what it is to drive experience, engagement and an irresistible culture.
    Keynote Session

  • According to a recent Gartner survey, over 1/3 of HR leaders agree that one of their major challenges is a lack of visibility and understanding of current skill gaps in their organizations. Join our session to understand how Talent Alpha is harnessing the power of AI & Machine Learning to give HR Leaders molecular visibility into the skills of their Total Workforce. In the session you’ll learn how you can: ▪ Improve productivity across your organization ▪ Understand the skill inventory of your Total Workforce with Talent Analytics ▪ Decode your Talent Genome and unlock hidden potential already sitting in your organization

  • Employees are being expected to adapt to rapidly changing, always-on work environments like never before. Covid may have accelerated this reality, but it was already happening in the world of work before Covid hit and it will continue to be a fact of working life as the pace and frequency of change continues to increase into the future. Both leaders and employees therefore need to proactively embrace an agile mindset and skill-set to thrive in this future of work. But what are these enduring tips and skills that will help us adapt to the ever changing world of work and to build successful careers into the future ? And with all the talk about mindset these days, what is it (really) and how can you change and develop it ? Sharing both the background research and practical examples, Kevin will discuss what an Agile Mindset and an Agile Skillset are in practical terms. He will also explore how HR and business leaders can help employees embrace and develop these qualities in order to thrive, rather than just cope, in the future of work.
    INCLUSION & Wellbeing

  • Employer branding is the company’s identity, perceived by its employees, customers, and stakeholders. The main point here is consistency: the internal and external images are equally important and should be the same. Likewise, It is known that the company’s reputation in the market could positively or negatively affect its attractiveness to Talents. When we think of high-performance teams, it is not just how many talents we have, but how many have a different and diverse profile, being able to bring new ideas and ways of thinking to the organizations. It is about how organizations are able to create a safe work environment, that promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and welfare to their employees.
    INCLUSION & Wellbeing

  • There are many problems with feedback in organizations and research shows it frequently doesn’t improve performance. One solution is to help employees make progress toward their goals instead of giving them feedback. This session will discuss how organizations can use progress to enable and improve performance.

  • In this keynote, Filip will walk us through the new reality we all live in and offer five game-changing takeaways for organizations today. Motivation is more important than ever, so how do you keep the passion alive in a virtual setting? A risk we all face in the jungle of online meetings is over collaboration or under engagement. New insights show how to solve this with collaboration design. Filip will shed a light on how that is done and what it means in terms of employee satisfaction. From a strategic viewpoint, where are we heading next? We don’t need to fly blind, we have new insights at hand to plan the journey ahead yet need to stay flexible. Filip will share a set of tools that help you to plan your scenarios.
    Keynote Session

  • The “complex new normal” is arguably the gentlest way to express the world as we now know it. Individuals and companies alike are being asked to completely rethink how they function to be fit for this context. This presentation provides you with a new lens to see your way through it. Making it all clearer and easier to navigate.
    Keynote Session

  • Els and Filip will exchange about the real story of Santander Bank, becoming an open financial platform and shaping the world of banking. A story of building networks that outperform silos, allowing the bank to naturally transform into its future self. In this story, Els will uncover the new role HR can play as a driver and enabler of natural transformation, embracing impact, and unlocking personal growth.
    HR Innovation

  • : In this session you will hear how Nokia started in their People Analytics Journey and their rapid advancement in capability. You will specifically hear how they “connected the dots” to help the Company navigate through the pandemic, prepare for the future of work, and what’s coming next…
    People Analytics (Powered by: Peakon)

  • As thought leaders it's key for HR to guide, coach and mentor their organisations through troubled times. Innovative reframing is a way to change mindsets to a possibility rather than problem-based view- for example recasting 'social distancing' as 'virtual networking,' 'lockdown' as 'breakthrough.' And helping to frame 'he 'beautiful questions' that can open up fresh opportunities...
    HR Innovation

  • The digital transformation, the growing divide in societies and recent disruptive events call for inventing new ways of working together. HR needs to play its role and enable new human-centric ways for humans to develop the space between them to flourish, grow and enable excellence. Antoinette Weibel will discuss, why we need to leave traditional performance management behind and how a new set of practices can emerge to enable such co-created human collaboration.
    Future of Work (Powered by: LIVESciences)

  • According to PwC’s CEO survey, 38% of CEOs globally say they’re extremely concerned about the availability of key skills as a threat to business growth. How can learning and HR leaders take a leadership position on this issue? The panel will share their views and experiences on how to ensure the availability of critical skills that supports business growth even in these challenging times.
    Learning and Reskilling
    Panel Discussion

  • The HR Congress founder, Mihaly Nagy will sit with Professor Dave Ulrich to bring an exclusive conversation to the audience. During the interview, Professor Ulrich will highlight his latest work on knowing which organizational capabilities make a difference and the value of the Organizational Guidance System.
    HardTalk HR Live
    Keynote Session

  • This masterclass is brought to you by Our Tandem - Shaping Culture for an Agile World

  • The crisis we are facing today is a whole different thing, with a wholly different gravitas and scale than any crisis before. Comprising a more profound threat to lives as well as livelihoods. Heartbreakingly eliminating many small, hand-built companies and dangerously threatening large companies and their many employees. Without a current or historic timetable for recovery. With unexpected changes to business models, practices, and supply chains that will redefine the relationships between companies, their employees, and their customers for a long time—in some ways, likely for all time. Join this inspiring keynote by New York Times bestseller Stan Slap to learn about making a return: It is the job of management to bring good answers to bad circumstances. Plus: Now, let’s fix this.
    Keynote Session

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